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Interior Shoot at Middleton Lodge

Manchester Commercial Photography

Last month saw me on a commission from the Babington of the North – Middelton Lodge. A stunning hotel & restaurant Middleton Lodge is a Georgian country estate located in the heart of rural North Yorkshire. The Main House is available for private hire and situated in its grounds is The Coach House restaurant with rooms accommodation & treatment rooms. I have been shooting up at Middelton Lodge now for years, after first hiring the house for a training DVD that we produced. Since then we have held 4 wedding training courses from there and its always a great pleasure to go back! So when we got a call from the people at the lodge asking if we would be interested in a commercial shoot, shooting interiors, exteriors etc.. for their new website I jumped at the chance!

Shooting interiors isn’t for everyone as you have to have perfect control over the light in the room. Personally I find this a challenge and strangely relaxing & rewarding! Here are a few images from the two day shoot. I wanted the mood to be very clean & sophisticated and the images to reflect this.

Using various modifiers and the sun we used my Elinchrom gear to good effect. Mostly lighting the rooms from the outside where we could, so that we had full control over the light. I knew also image quality wise I was going to take this shoot to another level..?! Using my Pentax 645z , medium format camera. The dynamic range on this thing is simply amazing and perfect for jobs like this.

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