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brett and kristie looking at their 3 year old girl and laughing

M E E T   B R E T T   &   K R I S T I E

After many years of travel and working in Miami with people from all countries and cultures, it was under American skies in 1999 when Kristie and Brett first met. From that day forth, their own love story spiralled into a marriage, a business and an expanding family. It became their dream to work together creating a career that reflects their passion for both family and photography, whilst maintaining a distinct vision on how the the Harkness brand would progress. In 2001 that dream became their reality and as 2o16 has now begun, that success is very much growing with every passing day. Brett is now highly regarded and certainly one of the best Manchester family photographers working today.

Selecting a photographer to capture some of the most special times with your family is an important decision. As well as expertise and artistic talent, you also need someone who understands how to make the session a really memorable occasion for you & your family. A lifestyle or portrait shoot with Brett & Kristie Harkness is truly a unique experience. Brett understands that people photograph best when they are relaxed and so the shoot can take place either in the studio or out on location. Be it in your own home, down by the river or on the beach.  It can happen wherever you feel most comfortable. Brett utilises setting, lighting, colour, mood & scenery to make the photographs come alive.  He has a rare talent for capturing people at their natural best. You will also be taken care of by Kristie , who’ll take time to understand what you want from your very personal lifestyle shoot. Looking after the finer details on the day, Kristie ensures that Brett captures those all important moments working together as a team.


“Kristie and Brett , You are simply amazing, fantastic, uniquely gifted and kind.Thank you for the great job you have done so far with our family pictures. The kids keep asking if we can do it again! We are bathing  in a happy feeling right now. ”



"His passion and drive to create, learn and shoot better than he did on his last shoot, is inspiring and completely unrelenting. He has a quiet confidence and humour that resonates amongst his clients, peers and family."


“She has a unique eye for the build of a story, which she uses to the highest degree in the editing , frame designing and album design. She is a strong business woman with a flair for creativity, a kind hearted mother and very much both my personal and business support.”
kristie holding a flash whilst brett shoots a family on the beach, everyone laughing
brett harkness looking through camera, color image

Q&A with Brett Harkness

Where will our family shoot take place?

In a nutshell, it can take place anywhere you want! In any part of the country! We can shoot a more "portrait" looking image in our own studio or you may want to take the shoot to the beach or park, or even a walk in the forest and bring the dogs too!

Who will be there on the shoot?

Usually myself and Kristie but if Kristie isn't available I will bring another assistant along.

What if it's raining?

If you choose to go outside for the shoot then ofcourse if its raining too much then we may have to reschedule the shoot. otherwise we say bring some wellies and a raincoat and we'll have some great fun!

We don't really like having our picture taken..

Don't worry, who does! The way we work will put the whole family at ease. There is no time limit to the shoot and we will not leave until we have captured some beautiful moments. Children can take time to warm to the camera, we don't rush out shoots and wait for the everyone to be on our side!

How do I see my images?

We can do a face to face viewing at the studio or at your home approximately 3 weeks after your shoot. You can chose from a wide variety of beautiful framing options & albums. If you have decided on the High Res File Collection this will be ready to download 3 weeks after your shoot.


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