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10 Mar 2017
open post

Wild Rumpus Carnival Shoot

I made my annual pilgrimage to the wonder Lost Carnival. I first met the girls from Wild Rumpus last year when I met up with them at their first Lost Carnival to produce some portraits of the artists a day before opening. It was a great experience and I knew that next year I had to go back for more! So summer rolled around and we set up early arriving just after 11am , coffee in hand! Myself and assistant Ben scouted around the venue which was setting up for the bank holiday carnival experience. I knew I wanted them to look similar to last years images but a little more edgy!

The shoot.. commercial photography uk

Taken on my Pentax 645z medium format camera of which I am UK ambassador, with 90mm lens, various Elinchrom modifiers and two Ranger RX speed AS packs with three heads. We also use my smoke machine to ad some atmosphere to the shots and a further back light with a CTO gel on it. I also used 2 – Lee 3 stop ND filters which are paramount for creating the look that I am after for this shoot as the maximum flash sync for the 645z is 125th sec.  Each performer came in turn as I had a few mins to chat to them about their characters and rolls within the carnival. We started shooting working with each character to get the most emotionally out of them that I could.










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  • (Thursday, July 27, 2017)
    Gorgeous work as always Brett!

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