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02 Apr 2014
open post

My home made Background..!

Well,earlier this week I decided to make my own background, having searched high and low for a suitable background without success. So I found a wall, got the bits and am pretty happy with what I managed to do!!

To see what I did & how I did it CLICK HERE to read the blog post on USA blog DIY Photography! Together with a post from Dave Kai Piper , a fashion photographer from the UK and how he made his!



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  • (Wednesday, April 02, 2014)
    Very creative, love the look, and much better than option 1!
  • (Wednesday, April 02, 2014)
    cheers Ed, I know the look Dave is going for , kind of an old school , when photographers used to travel with their backgrounds. I guess the two just have a different feel!
  • (Wednesday, September 09, 2015)
    very cool look, great stuff

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