Hello,I”m looking for some good advice on a canon lens that I can use to shoot at concerts and also for travel for fast shooting and low light also. I have a canon 60 D that i purchased last fall. Thanks for your help!Laura

Hi there. It is worth saving up for a either a fast zoom, 70-200mm 2.8L or a fast prime, 85mm 1.2L. Both are great lenses but you might get more use out of the zoom. Hope this helps? Remember that there is focal length magnification with the 60 d as its not full frame so your lenses will shoot longer than they are.

Hi Brett,I’m sure I saw on the Real Wedding DVD a section where you showed all your kit but having watched it again I can’t find it. I seem to remember you use a memory card holder that holds multiple cards. Having lost a card recently I need to get something similar but can’t seem to find many online. Can you recommend one? Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg, it was just a multi card holder from HERE, cheers, Brett

Hi Brett, Can you recommend a portable projector for showing clients photos in their home?

Hi Helen, we use a sony & an Epson one. Any projector with an “ansi” over 1500 should be ideal. Check out the cost of replacement bulbs as this can be sometimes quite high! We also use an ACER one at the studio.Take a look here: PROJECTORS

Hello. I’ve just bought an SLR after only ever using a compact camera. I wondered if you did any short training sessions in using a camera, shutter speed, aperture etc etc? I’m going on holiday in 5 weeks and would really like to know how to use it properly before I go. Thank you. Laura

Hi laura, we don’t offer a course on mass for this but I could certainly do a 1-1 with you, please email us at the studio or call on 01706 340792. cheers, Brett

Hi,I am looking for 2 to 3 days of training in potrait photography using natural light and/or with the support of lighting equipment. I do not want trainig that is completely focused on the use of a studio enviroment. If you have plan any training course in 2012 that focus around this requirement, let me know.Regards,Ken Waldie

Hi Ken, I will email you direct. We have some courses coming out in a few weeks for next year, studio flash on location is what we specialize in!

Just thought id leave a message for everyone considering buying the Brett Harkness DVD, buy it! i loved it all ive watched it time and time again from the first time of sheer amazement, to trying to understand the shots and workflow 3/4th time around . Trust me its worth it and great value for money considering your seeing an insight into Brett’s mind and driving power behind the shots he delivers.

Hey James. Thank you very much for the message. So glad you enjoyed the DVD. We packed as much as we could into it for sure!! Hope it continues to be a great source of inspiration for you?
Cheers. Brett.

Hi Brett, Just received your book on organising Professional shoots and found it very interesting. Written in plain English is a bonus as well and everything is so easy to follow. Same goes for your DVD, very easy to understand and follow. Shooting my first wedding on Saturday 24th so really taking everything in. Cheers Gareth

That’s great Gareth. We try and produce things in a way that make it easy to understand. Glad you enjoyed them. Good luck with the wedding!

I recently bought Brett’s book and found everything so easy to follow and understand. Being a novice to the portrait field, I wanted something simple to guide me through. This book is brilliant for novices and seasoned pro’s to hone their skills. Thanks Brett.

Cheers Gareth for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi!I’m on the verge of booking your speedlite wedding course in October, just wanted to know what time the course might end, to see if I can tackle the drive back to south Wales! Thanks in advance

Hi there, thanks for your question about our Speedlight course. We will be looking to finish around 5.30pm. Sometimes we can go on till 6 . Hope this helps? cheers, Brett

Just after watching every bit of the DVD and it’s fantastic; not only in showing some new ideas and inspiration but also confirming I was doing many things right! Having a talented peer pointing you in the right direction is invaluable and for just £80 this DVD does that and more! Can’t wait for the next one.

Hi Jamie, thanks very much for the feedback on the site. Very much appreciated. We have another training product coming out towards Christmas so watch this space! If you get time to spread the love on the usual social networks that would be great! Cheers, Brett

Hey Brett, just wanted to say the a received your DVD and it is awesome. There’s a lot of good tips to remember. Thanks again for all your help.Ken

Glad you enjoyed it Ken, hope it goes on to help you in your own photography and weddings in general, cheers, Brett

Do you cover multiple flash set ups on your funky flash courses and how to balance flash with ambient light?

Hi Ross, yes we do. We do try and keep the lighting simple using ‘set ups’ that one person could do by themselves. My style is mostly to go against the daylight to make it more dramatic but we do show balancing also. We use simple flash guns and also larger more powerful Elinchrom lights.

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