Not too often these days I get the chance to set up a test shoot. Using my new background that took me two days to make I set to it. The look was nice & clean and we were looking for a classy, soft look with the lighting.

Shooting Chloe Bell from Nemesis models. When testing it is very important to try and remember what you are doing. I mean by that,in my real shooting life at weddings and kids shoots I have to shoot very fast. I don’t get too much time to relax into a shot and work my way through it. So for this very reason that is what testing should be about , for me anyway!

Using a mixture of Elinchrom lights, modifiers – 70cm softbox, stripbox, Deep Octa & 6ft Octabank, smoke machine. With some lovely styling by Zan Atkinson & for the firs time I also got the images retouched by a pro, Catherine Day.  Here are a couple of shots from the day shoot.

To see how I made my background CLICK HERE.







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Last week saw us at the wonderful venue of The Mansion in Leeds in the amazing setting of Roundhay Park. A huge thank you to all that made it there and for James Davies for writing up this brilliant blog post. So good I thought I would just link to it!!

Thanks to Lee for assisting on the day. Huge thank you to Zan Atkinson for her amazing styling and to Novakks Bridal Lounge for our gorgeous dresses. Of course to Emma & Nic for their modelling and for putting up with the cold so well! Also thank you to all the people at The Mansion for making us feel so welcome..


Here are some of the images that I shot on the training day but if you want to see what other people shot then take a look at James’s link above to read more about our great day of BHP training.












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  • Adrian Harvey (11.27.2013 | 12:26)

    She's a very beautiful subject and it looked like a good day light-wise to capture these images. Great looking shots!

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Yesterday was an early start with a 7am train journey to London for our first ever documentary course in London. A huge thank you to Dot, Debbie, Helen, Guy & Chris for joining us on this day. Documentary photography is without a doubt one of the hardest genres of photography to master & to teach.

A lot of the moments are over so quickly that it is hard to share that moment but you can teach techniques to make an image once you see that moment. For me documentary photography by its definition is to document the happening of something. To stop someone in the street and take their picture is not documentary , it is environmental portraiture. A different thing altogether. I did make each photographer approach someone and try and get a portrait so there was a little of that also but most of the day was about looking at the ordinary , looking at a situation and making an image from it. Everyone was armed with a 50mm lens so we were all looking at the same thing. It was not the aim of the day to photograph all that is London particularly but to use the streets to make imagery from it. A lot of the imagery have people in them, some don’t and it is all about looking at something in a different way and I hope that’s what we did throughout the day.

Making pictures not taking pictures, a huge difference.






























A quick group shot before the heavens opened!!






  • Kathryn Widdowson (04.04.2012 | 06:35)

    Expect the unexpected with this set of work. Love the humour and the observations. Fave shot has to be the taxi driver/athlete!

  • Debbie Raines (04.04.2012 | 09:01)

    Having been lucky enough to share yesterday with Brett . I must say it was THE most fantastic day. Not just to see him at work, but because he is the most inspiring, knowledgeable, generous and all round top bloke who really takes the time to make sure you get something from it as well. I can also say that Brett's images looked liked that on the back of camera!! I will post mine in a couple of weeks after I've edited them!! ;o)

  • Max Fauchard (04.04.2012 | 09:02)

    How I love to take photos in London. Those are amazing. They literally talk. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Kim (04.04.2012 | 09:17)

    What a fantastic set of images.

  • simon (04.04.2012 | 11:41)

    Sterling!!!! What else can I say? A true master as always!!!

  • Dot (04.07.2012 | 06:32)

    What an extraordinary day with Brett !!!

    Brett was able to see, compose and shoot with amazing resuts every time and happy to share and talk about his vision and images

    I think everyone learnt a lot on the day

    Thanks you so much Brett and thanks to all the great people on the course who made it a fun day too

    Happy Easter to Mum, Dad and baby !!!

  • Helen Perry (04.18.2012 | 01:44)

    Hi, I would love to have done this course in London. Please do another, soon :-) I think improving your documentary work on the streets will help improve your documentary in everything you do.

    Debbie said the photos looked as above straight out of camera. So I am wondering, do you shoot in jpeg? I shoot in RAW and find my images are quite flat and need to be processed to give them punch. Am I right in thinking that even if you alter the saturation, contrast etc settings in camera, if you shoot RAW, it is uneffected? Are those settings just for jpegs?
    Thank you in advance, Helen.

  • Becky Male (01.28.2013 | 10:01)

    Love these - would love to know if you run another course like this.

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This was a fantastic 1 day course we held at an amazing location in North London. Looking at how to use different types of flash in mostly an interior environment using props that were available. We have another great flash course in London coming up on June 28th. Please click on courses for more information on our great courses coming up.
Here are some images from the previous course.

A huge thank you to all that were involved in our fantastic two – 1 day flash course held last week in London. Thank you to the LONDON FLASH CENTER for the loan of some of our equipment.

We had been thinking about such a course for a long time and had searched high & low for a suitable venue in which to shoot in the London area. We knew when we found the building that this was the one. We ran two one day courses as the demand was so great for the flash course. Initially looking at how to use basic flash guns and then taking it further to the use of larger lighting location systems. Using techniques that we adopt for all areas of our photography when at the studio and on location.

We always look to cover everything on our courses and our make-up & styling is done by the best. With my input & Kristies keen eye we worked with our stylist Zan Atkinson to come up with many different looks that we could light around the venue over the two days.

A big thank you  to The Flash Centre for the loan of some of our equipment on the day. We use mainly my Elinchrom Ranger RX speed AS kit & Ranger Quadra. Our main light modifier was a 100cm Deep Octa with some shots using a 70 softbox. We also used a Quadra for a back light with a Snoot & Grid.

Thanks to models, Natasha, Rosie & Margit for being so wonderful over the two days. You were all great. We look forward to our other courses in the year, including another flash course in London at a different location, a great small documentary course in Chester amongst other exciting days.

We have another amazing London flash course coming up on June 28th, please click HERE for more info or go to the Courses link above.

  • Chantelle Flanagan-Moore (06.15.2011 | 10:35)

    Amazing! The boundaries are always surpassed and a new level of aspiration is set with you two...congratulations! I can only imagine how great every element of this course and the execution to pull this all off must have been. Lucky models and photographers who shared in this...

  • Matthew Stainer (06.15.2011 | 10:35)

    Would definitely recommend that if you are a photographer struggling with flash that you consider attending one of Brett and Kristie’s workshops. I was lucky enough to attend one of these days; it was great fun, good to chat with the other attendees and got some images that I was really happy with. But most importantly for me, Brett taught an easy to understand approach to using flash, which I’m confident I’m going to be able to incorporate into my own photography.

  • David Long (06.15.2011 | 10:35)

    Hi Brett & Kristie,
    I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and learnt a lot.
    I'm not quite a workshop junkie but do love learning and have attended a fair few! I do have to say that this is probably the best session that I have been to. What shone through was the quality and attention to detail throughout the day from the venue, to the models to the quality of information/instruction and the opportunity to learn and shoot - you both did a fantastic job!
    I hope you have a safe trip back up north and hope our paths cross again soon...
    Many thanks

  • Eddie Judd (06.15.2011 | 10:37)

    Wow! Love your images - some amazing post production as usual and a few a bit different which I love! I was one of the lucky few to attend the course and I have to say that finally (after much resistance) it is all starting to click. I really can't wait to put it into practice, I just hope I can do you both proud. Had an amazing & very fun day, with some fab other photographers, and was so great to see you both as usual. Thank you and see you soon - already excited about which course I am going to book on next ;-)

  • Sean sillick (06.15.2011 | 10:37)

    Many thanks for such and inspiring and informative course Brett. Learnt loads and got some awesome images at the same time!
    Hope to see both you and Kristie for another course in the future

  • Peter Burkwood (06.15.2011 | 10:39)

    Damn you Mr H... I was so happy with mine until I saw this!!!

  • Elinchrom Ranger kit! | Brett Harkness Photography Elinchrom Ranger kit! | Brett Harkness Photography (06.15.2011 | 12:59)

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