Yesterdays training day saw us back at the wonderful Arley Hall outside of Nantwich in Cheshire. We started off the day after coffee looking at the business side of things, pricing and branding. Then onto some images to get the juices flowing.

After a break we photographed the B&G upstairs in one of the bedrooms keeping things simple looking at the use of daylight & exposure. After a great lunch we took to outside , using some of the architectural features of the surroundings. Using a mixture of daylight and flash in different situations. Having fun with a tree that very kindly gave us it’s blossom after a little persuasion!

A huge thank you as always to Zan Atkinson for her amazing styling & hair/make up skills. To Nemesis model agency in Manchester for our wonderful models , Liam & Naz and to the staff at Arley for making our day a success.

Here are a couple of images from the course….






When my assistant can do this then it means that we can do this! No tree was harmed in the making of these images!

A clip from our Arley Hall course yesterday from Brett Harkness on Vimeo.







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  • Matt Selby (12.10.2015 | 03:28)

    Epic groom shots! Too good!

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This week saw us host two Brett Harkness Photography Training courses. In completely different parts of the country! Monday saw us down at the beautiful Fanham’s Hall in Ware, Hertfordshire. A huge thanks to Sky, Emma & Katy for their wonderful modelling. Very much appreciated.

It was a very hot day , we even had to carry around umbrellas it was so hot! Starting off inside we went through our wedding process , looking at a mixture of imagery taken from our own wedding collections. We then after coffee started shooting around the interior of the beautiful Fanham’s Hall, looking at light, exposure, posing, and encouraging interaction between Bride & Groom. Using flash for creative effect, shooting in the sun, shade and so much more. A big thanks to our fabulous Make up by Katy. Great job. Also a huge thank you to Novaks Bridal shop for the loan of some beautiful dresses. We have some great new course dates coming out this week! So watch this space. Here are some images from the shoot:

Here are  a couple of images from behind the scenes at the course:

Here are a couple of videos shot behind the scenes by Ross:

  • Simon Everitt (08.09.2011 | 12:51)

    Hey Brett- fantastic, I always feel so inspired by your images. 2-22 scream "Brett Harkness" but 1 is really different, notice you did something similar on your recent 1-1. Really like this style. if you get five id love to hear the technique involved. Trust your well and finding plenty to do in Kris's absence!!

  • Ebony Bates (08.09.2011 | 12:52)

    Gorgeous images!

  • Martin Kerr (08.09.2011 | 12:54)

    Beautiful images, Brett but who's the funny looking bloke in the t-shirt and shorts holding that

  • Samantha Jones (08.12.2011 | 08:53)

    Having attended the course at Fanhams with Brett and Kristie, I just wish I had been on one of their courses earlier! I've been running my business full time for 2.5 years and learnt some interesting hints and tips that I immediately put into practice for my most recent wedding. The course was informative, interesting and hard work! The conditions were challenging and Brett gently coached us through and Kristie remembered all of our names ... thanks to everyone on the course and the models too - it was professionally run and well worth the outlay Now to book the next one ...!

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