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Our amazing year of weddings finished with a simply devine wedding on the banks of the River Thames with Helen & Jason. At no other than the beautiful venue of Phyllis Court Club. The weather was cold but we were greeted with beautiful blue skies as the day began.

Getting ready at the nearby Hotel du Vin the guys arrived by boat to the Riverside Pavilion to await arriving guests and ofcourse his bride to be. Getting ready in the main club house Helen looked beautiful in her dress by Stella York. With make up & hair by Lorraine Milligan & flowers by Penelope Hunter Flowers. Helen was ready with enough time for a few pictures before she made her way with her father to the Riverside Pavilion for the ceremony. With the winter sun already getting low Helen made her way into the ceremony for a beautiful & emotional ceremony. After which everyone bravely went outside for a very quick group shot of all the guests. It was very important that we made the most of the sinking sun and the couple very kindly gave us 20 minutes for some pictures inside & out of the venue making the most of the winter light & sun.

The afternoon continued with drinks and christmas nibbles in the pavilion overlooking the Thames having ample time for the guests to mingle and enjoy the views. Just before the wedding breakfast was served Helen & Jason went on a small boat on the river for 15 mins - a beautiful wooden boat from Henley Sales & Charter. Ofcourse I jumped in not wanting to miss out on a great photo opportunity!

The night continued after the wedding breakfast with great entertainment from Dj - Gareth Clyde with dancing into the night as the frost covered the river banks.

A huge thank you to Helen & Jason for a fantastic day and a great end to our 2014 year or weddings. Here are some of the images from the day & night:
























































  • Matt Selby (01.20.2015 | 11:11)

    Outstanding work as always, love how much detail you capture. Loving the silhouettes too.

  • Nick English (01.20.2015 | 04:57)

    Great photos Brett, looks like a great day!

  • Helen Cuthbert (01.22.2015 | 09:27)

    Brett, they are simply amazing. You've captured all the emotion and little details of our day, which has brought it all back. Thank you ever so much - it felt like you and James were really part of the day with us, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We can't wait to see the rest! H

  • Helen Cuthbert (01.24.2015 | 04:54)

    Wonderful photos of our wonderful day. So many memories came flooding back when we first saw them - you've really captured the emotion and atmosphere. Thank you so much Brett and thank you to James too. We loved having you there as part of our day - it was so much fun. We can't wait to see the rest! Helen

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My fabulous 2014 of weddings is nearly coming to an end with just one more to go to blog. What an awesome way to see out 2014 with the wonderful December wedding of Lauren & Simon at the equally wonderful Babington House in Frome / Somerset.

We arrived early as we knew that there weren't going to be too many shots with daylight so after the guys ran themselves ragged at football everyone started to get ready. After punch and mince pies the families headed off to their rooms with a little time to spare before the ceremony. Lauren looked simply amazing in her dress equipped with pockets! A first for me! With flowers from the every inventive Passion.

Simon looked every bit the part in his bespoke suit and matching everything! No stone was left unturned! Getting ready in the cabin in the grounds of Babington meant Simon didn't bump into Lauren as they headed to the church. As the winter night closed in everyone waited with baited breath inside the candlelit church. The doors opening to gasps as the beautiful Lauren walked down the aisle. The ceremony was great and people then left the church for the short walk to Babington House. The darkness and rain had now set in but Simon & Lauren were still game after a quick drink inside to go back to the church for the pictures! A huge thank you to them for having such spirit!

After a fabulous meal and speeches and simply the most amazing cake ( pork pie ) I have ever seen everyone made there way into the bar to dance the night away with resident DJ - Nigel who certainly got the party started.

A huge thank you again for everyone involved in the day and we thank you for choosing us to be a part of it!

Here are some of the images from the day & night!:






































































  • susan.pattison (01.07.2015 | 09:48)

    These are beautiful. I love all your wedding photography. Recently bought your book and dvd which are excellent. I must try and go on one of your wedding courses. I would love to learn how to make use of off camera flash.

  • JD (01.07.2015 | 09:53)

    Simply exquisite Brett.

  • Voyteck (01.08.2015 | 06:09)

    outstanding work as always

  • Cathy Brown (01.09.2015 | 11:58)

    Brett, talent and skill at its best....dark and cold time of year with testing light and yet you make it look easy, just awesome !

  • Lauren Kennedy (01.12.2015 | 07:24)

    Outstanding day, outstanding photographer, outstanding results! Brett, Kristie & Ross we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and we are delighted with the results! Thank you so much, Lauren & Si x

  • Michelle (02.18.2015 | 11:23)

    Another photographer just told me to have a look at your work. Stunning!

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Our fantastic year of weddings is coming to an end with only a couple of weddings left.

November finished with a bang with the beautiful wedding of Hervey & Liz at their own venue - The Fisherman's Retreat in Ramsbottom - Lancashire. 

The day started off with possibly the hardest rain I have seen all year but our fingers were crossed that it would clear in time for the church. Liz looked simply beautiful in her dress - a refreshing change to have a different coloured dress for sure - Hervey looking very smart in his tux -  perfect match for eachother. After a drink at The Fisherman's Retreat Hervey headed off to the church to await his bride. The moment Liz stepped out of the car at the church  - the sun shone down on her- the exact moment!!

After an emotional church ceremony everyone spilled out onto the church path in the low winter sun and it gave us 10 mins or so to capture some images. After which everyone left for the venue we had 5 mins to do a few shots of the Bride & Groom.With the light fading fast we headed back to the Fisherman's Retreat beautifully placed on the hills overlooking Ramsbottom and beyond. After family pictures the wedding breakfast was served. After a fantastic meal & speeches the party got into full swing with entertainment throughout the night. One floor set up as a casino with roulette & cards. A magician wowed the tables as the guests donned fancy dress for the crazy booth! Downstairs the dancing continued with entertainment & singing into the night.

A huge thank you to Liz & Hervey for choosing us as a part of there day. Here are some of the images from the wedding:

Brett Harkness Photography | Manchester Wedding Photography






















































  • Liz Magnall (12.04.2014 | 11:48)

    Brett and Kristie - you are the best! Although we've only seen the preview photos we know already that you have captured not just pictures, but the emotions and spirit of the day. Thank you so much.
    Hervey & Liz

  • Matt Selby (12.15.2014 | 03:43)

    Awesome set as always, Love all the detail shots! :)

  • Dave Perry (03.03.2015 | 09:42)

    My continued source of inspiration when it comes to quality, skill and execution, phenomenally good. On point, timeless - well done Brett & Kristie, lets see if this year I can actually get a date to be on one of your courses! Cheers! :)

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Our Wedding year continues with wonderful wedding of Claire & Graeme! Both fellow photographers too so the pressure was on! A bright crisp day met us when we arrived in Ripon at the beautiful location of The Old Deanery.

Graeme was hard at work helping with decorations etc.. I am sure there is a future there for him !! After coffee and looking around we headed off to see the bride Claire who was starting to get ready. Her dress was simply gorgeous and suited the day and surroundings to perfection, with hair & make up by Nicholas Homes & Irene Roozbayani respectively Claire looked stunning and ready to wow her audience with flowers from Utterly Gorgeous Flowers.   After spending some time with her we headed off to see Graeme who was now nearly finished getting ready looking very sharp in his suit. After a lovely ceremony we managed to get everyone outside for a quick group shot before borrowing the B&G for some one on one time! With the light fading too fast we had to work quickly but managed to get some gorgeous shots around the grounds and across the road at the cathedral. The room looked fantastic as did all of The Deanery with stationary by Forever Detail & decorations from Perfectly You Events twinkling into the night. With huge initials in the garden lighting up the night the party was in full swing to the sounds of Val Boyers guitar & singing the night took hold.

A simply beautiful day and a huge thank you to all that were involved in making it run so smoothly. A special thanks to Graeme & Claire for allowing us to be a part of their day. Here are some images from the day:




























































Ripon Wedding Photographers | London Wedding Photographers | Manchester Wedding Photographers |

  • Karen McGowran (11.13.2014 | 07:34)

    Amazing set of images and congratulations to you both! Claire you look so stylish and incredibly happy xxxx

  • Ann Brown (11.14.2014 | 10:35)

    Fantastic photos, glad to see the coffee cups made it through the edit!

  • Kenn Reay (11.15.2014 | 10:19)

    Just a lovely set of images which really captures you as a couple. Fantastic

  • Martin Ker (11.15.2014 | 11:19)

    Fantastic photos. Looks like a great day.

  • Jo Leversuch (11.16.2014 | 06:52)

    You've Captured this beautiful couple in love.....stunning images Brett

  • Julie Lee (11.17.2014 | 11:42)

    Absolutely stunning photos of the beautiful Mr & Mrs Rowatt. A perfect reflection of a truly magical day. Claire you look breathtaking!! Mr Rowatt you look very handsome too!! :-)

  • Claire Rowatt (11.17.2014 | 08:24)

    Thank you so much Brett & Kristie for bringing back so many very happy memories - amazing photography and can't wait to see the rest.
    Thank you Karen, we had an amazing day.
    Think that one will make the album Ann :0)
    Thanks Julie xx

  • Matt Selby (11.19.2014 | 02:33)

    Awesome work as always! Loving the silhouette shot.

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Our amazing year is coming to an end but still a couple of weddings  to go before the holidays. Mid October saw us shoot the wedding of Emily & Richard at the glorious Babington House nr Frome in Somerset. What a fantastic day it was too. Emily looked stunning in the most exquisite dress with amazing detail & the guys didn't disappoint either looking very smart with Richard in his bespoke suit. After a very personal ceremony in the chapel in the grounds everyone spilled out onto the lawns for drinks & canapes.

We knew the light was going to fade pretty fast and wanted to make the most of any that we had so after 10 mins of drinks we whisked the couple off to make the most of the fading light. A great addition to Babingtongrounds - a cool array of tree lights by DJ Nigel, ( house / resident DJ and his company STYLISH Entertainment are sole suppliers of production and entertainment services to the legendary west country venue)  gave us a lovely background for some late shots. Everyone then made their way into the orangery for a sumptuous meal. The room as always looked fantastic with flowers & table decor FLOWERS by Passion.

Whilst the evening reception continued the rain came as everyone danced the night away to the sounds of resident DJ , Nigel. A beautiful day and a huge thank you to all involved in the wedding. A special thank you to Emily & Richard for choosing us to photograph their wedding day.

If you are getting married in 2015 we are now holding meetings & taking bookings for 2015 dates. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Here are some of the images from the wedding day & night!

















































  • Liz Cromwell (11.10.2014 | 10:44)

    Wow! The day was captured in the most beautiful way possible! I am amazed at the how you captured everyone's personalities! This is truly exquisite work!

  • Linsi (11.11.2014 | 12:28)

    Wow, WOW! Lovely capture of the intimate and magical event. The photography expertly conveys the special couple and perfect event!

  • Mark C (11.11.2014 | 11:55)

    This was a fabulous special day & these images capture Em & Richards love and happiness, Wow.

  • SNW (11.12.2014 | 12:42)

    I am transported back to that magical day, which was so full of love. Emily, you are radiant. Such a happy and contented bride. Richard looks smitten and elated. And, your guests look ecstatic for you both. Love. Love. Love. The photos do it justice - which is HIGH praise!!!

  • Kitty Cromwell (11.12.2014 | 01:40)

    I knew the pictures would be fabulous and they are indeed into the WOW factor! Awesome job Brett!

  • Emily & Richard ( Bride & Groom ) (11.16.2014 | 08:44)

    Kristie and Brett,

    We are absolutely stunned - the pictures exceeded our expectations in every way. We knew that Brett was fantastic - but we literally feel like we have been transported back to the day. Thank you for helping to make such beautiful memories - we cannot wait to share these with our family and friends!!


    Emily and Richard

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The end of September saw us back at the glorious Babington House near Frome in Somerset for the gorgeous wedding of Ian & Storm. A relaxed beginning to the day with drinks on the lawn with people relaxing before the day began. After Ian was ready looking very smart in a bespoke cut suit he joined the guests at Babington for pre-wedding drinks and entertainment! With a great bunch of Oompa Loompa's serving drinks much to the amazement of the guests! With the girls nearly ready everyone made there way to the on site chapel for the ceremony. Storm looked simply beautiful in her dress with a little pink tinge! 

The ceremony went without a hitch after which everyone made there way onto the lush lawns surrounding Babington for drinks & canapes. Naked ramblers stumbled across the wedding party much to the amusement of everyone. With a band playing the mood was relaxed and sublime. This was a great time for me to capture things as they unfolded. With some time for a few family shots we had 10 mins for a few shots of the bride & groom before the evening celebrations. We were treated to big hatted ladies from the Natural theatre group as they mingled with 'real' wedding guests!! The orangery looked splendid with flowers everywhere from Passion Flowers. With more entertainment throughout the meal with Flower pot people! & the amazing Troy illusionist . With everything being captured by not only ourselves but also from the amazing team from Gorgeous Films ( video.) Who we have worked with on many occasions.

After the speeches everyone made there way through to the bar where celebrations took to the dance floor. With music by Radio 1 DJ Hugh Stevens not a person was left off the dance floor. A vintage photo booth entertained the guests into the night as the lighting storm took hold around the Babington sky! As the rain poured the people danced into he night. As always a huge thank you to Ian & Storm for having us onboard there wonderful wedding event professionally planned by Hannah -The Bespoke Wedding Planner.

Here are some images from the day & night:






































































Brett Harkness | London Wedding Photographer | Cheshire Wedding Photographer | Manchester Wedding Photographer |

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  • Jason Watkin (10.07.2014 | 09:03)

    Super work Brett some very inspirational images here. Really getting into what you were saying on the course about details - love the "little people free zone" next to the umpalumpa.

  • Kath Firth (10.07.2014 | 09:05)

    Stunning images and some really quirky touches to that wedding. love the ramblers.

  • Magdalena (10.29.2014 | 12:23)

    Fantastic pictures Brett

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Our stunning September of weddings continues with the sublime wedding of Suki & Aza at Syon Park House in London. Suki was probably the most on time bride I think we have ever had so it gave a us a little time before the ceremony to do a few shots with her around the Hilton Hotel beforehand.

A short walk over to beautiful Syon Park House the guests & Aza the groom arrived for the ceremony looking extremely handsome in his bespoke suit..

Suki followed not long behind by horse & carriage. She looked amazing in her bespoke dress from India. Walking down the isle to the sounds of quartet singers. After the ceremony everyone left to sign the register in one of the rooms behind the main hall. After which they made their entrance and thus exit down the isle. To rapturous applause everyone entered the courtyard for drinks & canapes to the sounds of the saxaphone whilst the couple looking very elegant with Suki in one of the most exquisite wedding dresses i've seen ,went for a short carriage ride around the grounds. After which they made their way to the guests & families for drinks and celebration. With the light fading faster than we thought we managed to do a large group shot of everyone before taking the couple away for some photographs in a couple of the very opulent interior rooms and to walk down to the orangery where the evening event was to take place. It was a crazy 20 mins but worth it none the less and a huge thank you to the bride & groom for literally running through the rooms to get the shots!

The night continued after speeches with Brazilian dancers which took the house by storm! Dancing the night away to some great music from the Dj and entertainment. A huge thank you to Suki & Aza for their hospitality through the day & night. Here are some of the images from the wedding:






























































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  • Chris Thornton (09.27.2014 | 11:10)

    Fantastic set of images Brett!

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Our fantastic September continues with a great wedding at the beautiful Babington House in Frome, Somerset. We have had 4 weddings at one of our favorite uk locations this year. The weather was only out shone by the venue and the bride & groom, Cecilia & Gavin, a great fun couple.

The day was a wonderful blend of both nationalities & religions. Everyone looked amazing as the sun shone down on the canapes & champagne being served after a wonderful ceremony in the chapel. After drinks and music on the lawns everyone made their way into the orangery for the wedding meal. After the speeches everyone was lifted to their feet by the mexican ( dorito advert) guys! What a party they then started with dancing into the night being taken over by Babington's resident DJ, Nigel there wasn't a person left sitting!

A huge thank you to Cecilia & Gavin for having us as a part of their wonderful day. Also thanks to Hannah, The Bespoke Wedding Planner for putting on yet another very special day. Here are some of the images from the wedding:





A little selection of images for Gavin below!!













































London Wedding Photographer Brett Harkness

  • Sally Reid (09.26.2014 | 07:22)

    Stunning storytelling images full of emotions and love the hanging garden decorations. Inspired.

  • Silvina C (09.27.2014 | 01:57)

    The best pics ever!!! great ph!

  • Talissa Fernando (10.08.2014 | 03:27)

    Looking through your photographs Brett makes me so excited for our Wedding next year!! :)

  • admin (10.08.2014 | 05:31)

    Talissa, cannot wait!! Thanks for the comment! Hope all is well?

  • Gavin Stanton (10.12.2014 | 04:48)

    We are both so happy with the photos, they will help relive the most amazing day. Brett and his team were so professional and a delight to work with. Can't wait to find an excuse to work with them again xxx

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Saturdays wedding promised us torrential rain and thunder but delivered beautiful sunshine! We were all prepared with our wellies in the car and despite starting off with rain it literally cleared up the moment Rachel stepped out of the VW camper van and into the church and we mostly dodged it all day finishing with a fantastic sunset!

Church farm in the Wirral was the venue for the wedding of James & Rachel. Overlooking the River Dee estuary and the sea made a stunning backdrop for the hill top marquee of Church Farm. Rachel looked fantastic in her dress and her bridesmaids red dresses complimented her perfectly. James & the guys suited & booted and looking sharp ready to take on the day! After a ceremony at Christ Church in Barnston we made our way to the venue for some photographs. The sun was beating down and after the mornings rain couldn't have been more welcome. I was obsessed with the sky all day as it gave us some amazing clouds! After drinks & canapes on the grass everyone went inside for the wedding breakfast and speeches. With the sun setting over the Dee we headed off outside for a few pictures with the bride & groom who were great fun to be with all day!

A huge thank you to everyone that made this day possible and to Rachel & James for choosing us to be a part of their big day. Here are some of the images from the wedding:






















































Brett Harkness Wedding Photographer photographs the wedding of Rachel & James at Church Farm, Wirral , Liverpool Wedding photography. Brett Harkness Cheshire Wedding photography. Studio 01706340792.



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  • nasser gazi (12.29.2014 | 03:37)

    Really stunning pictures. Clarity and style.

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Our latest wedding at the wonderful Babington House in Somerset with the equally wonderful Michelle & Mark. This has to be without a doubt my favorite venue to shoot at and its a good job because we are top of their recommended list!

A beautiful summers day greeted us and we knew it was going to be a lovely day. After coffee we headed off to see Michelle getting ready in the Playroom - bridal suite.

Mark after a swim & run was now onto the clay pigeon shooting in the grounds of Babington! He also won!! After drinks & lunch on the lawn everyone finished getting ready for the ceremony. With the sun beating down Michelle made her way down the staircase looking beautiful in her dress followed by her bridesmaids. With the outdoor setting under the main tree at Babington the ceremony took place with a string quartet playing in the background, a scene to remember forever.

After drinks on the lawn we had around 30-40mins for all of the picture which we duly set to. Giving us 10 mins with the bride & groom before sitting down to eat. Shooting in some very contrasting light but finding little pockets of shade to give the couple some time together. A most beautiful wedding with a fantastic couple,. you couldn't ask for more!

Video - Gorgeous Films

Wedding Planner - Hannah  - The Bespoke Wedding Planner

Flowers by Passion

DJ - Nigel ( Babington resident )



Here are some images from their fantastic day:




































































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Our latest wedding blog takes us to the amazing Arley Hall in Cheshire for the beautiful wedding of Carly & Giles. The weather was not to disappoint as the morning began with blue skies as the girls got ready. Champagne flowed as the girls dressed in blue dresses. Carly looked stunning in her dress as the church ceremony grew nearer.

It was only a 5 min drive to the church where Giles and the guests after a brief drink in the nearby pub were waiting eagerly for her arrival. After the ceremony everyone left for the wonderful venue of Arley Hall. Arriving to the sounds of Saxophone and the popping of champagne corks the sun shone down on the bridal party, the air filled with laughter and the chinking of glasses.  After 30 mins or so we managed a little time to get everyone together for a big group shot before taking the bridal party off for a few shots before dinner. The light was great giving us ample time during or after the meal to do some couple shots. The speeches were a hit, after which we took Carly & Giles for 10 mins to do a few shots in and around the wonderful Arley Hall making the most of the evening light.

After dinner everyone then made their way to the adjoining barn for dancing , drinks & the most amazing fish & chips I think I have every had!

A huge thank you to Carly & Giles and everyone involved in the wedding for making it such a huge success.

Here are a few images from the day:


































































Arley Hall Weddings

Brett Harkness | Wedding Photography Cheshire & London

  • Beverley Foster (07.22.2014 | 02:59)

    always great exception here...a lovely feel for the day. excellent photography

  • Tania Dean (07.29.2014 | 04:19)

    Amazing photos, loved viewing them. I know your Mum is so proud. My love and best wishes to you both.

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Our busy June finishes with the wonderful wedding of Lisa & Jonathan at Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire. After seeing the guys for a little while at The Bears Paw Hotel & we headed off to see the girls getting ready before  the church. After a ceremony at Norcliffe Chapel everyone headed off back to the venue where drinks & canapes were waiting, traveling in style with a vintage bus & beautiful car.

Lisa looked gorgeous in her dress and the girls in blue dresses, Jonathan and the guys looking very smart in their blue suits.The weather gods were on our side with a little rain as we left the church, it had stopped when we arrived at the venue giving us some time for pictures and for the guests to mingle and catch up. During dinner we managed to get outside again with the Bride & Groom for a few pictures around the barn. Making the most of a little sunshine peeping through the clouds. After which we moved back inside for the speeches & cake cutting. The night rolled on with dancing and a great live band topped of with a wonderful barbeque outside overlooking the lake. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect end to the day.

A huge thank you as always to Lisa & Jonathan and their families for allowing us to be a part of their special day.

Here are a few images from the wedding:
















































Wedding Photography at Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire.

Brett Harkness Photography - 01706 340792 | Sandhole Oak Barn wedding photography

  • Nichola Willis (07.19.2014 | 11:05)

    Such beautiful pictures - they both looked amazing xx

  • Jonathan and Lisa (07.20.2014 | 10:30)

    Great photos, thanks Brett and Richard! Love the attention to detail as always :-) Can't wait to see the rest.

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Our wedding year continues with what can only be described as the epic wedding of Dhanesh & Nasima at the beautiful Belvoir Castle  in the hills of Grantham. Holding an amazing position over the surrounding countryside what better place could you choose for a wedding.

Nasima started getting ready early, around 6am. That's a lot of dress & jewelry to get on for sure! Let me say it was all worth it as I am sure she wont mind me saying that she looked stunning. As did Dhanesh in his white sherwani. An 11am ceremony in the castle gave us 20 mins to afterwards to take some images of the Bride &Groom in the castle before heading off to the marquee near the lake in the castle grounds. I could have taken pictures of them there forever!

After lunch in the marquee the couple headed back to the nearby accommodation to change into outfit number 2! Again worth the wait. It was now 6.45pm and we had 25 mins to run away with them to take some images as the sun went down. Deciding to go back up to the castle for a quick shoot in the stunning rose garden. After which we headed off back to the marquee and the waiting guests. After dinner the guests danced the night away with some great music and an atmosphere that will stay with Dhanesh & Nasima ai am sure for many years to come!

A huge thank you for being such great sports on the day and for giving us the time to take I think some wonderful images.

( LONG BLOG POST... Here are some images from the day:








































































  • Becky Butterworth (06.20.2014 | 10:18)

    Amazing!! The most inspiring shots I've seen of Belvoir. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gareth Shaw (06.20.2014 | 11:16)

    Brett. Absolutely Stunning. I think this has to be my favourite wedding this year that you've done. So colourful and extremely well presented.

  • jay (07.27.2014 | 08:16)

    Brett!!! Fantabulous!! Awesome shots of creativity, Every Picture speaks. This is indian Tradition wedding , its great that modern portraits pose been added !! Rocks you!!

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