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“A class mixture of bridal, high fashion, romanticism and fresh energy, with a great use of landscape and colour”

Welcome to Brett Harkness Wedding Photography

Over fifteen years of experience in the wedding business has provided Brett Harkness Photography with a plethora of knowledge for the most important day of your life. From the documentary style we are renowned for, to the details of your heirloom album layout­ we aim to work alongside you to create your perfect memories in print, providing reassurance for the highest quality achievable.


Working with Brett Harkness is an absolute dream.  It is a pleasure having him and his team on any event.  Not only does he work extremely well under pressure, he instills so much calm in the client and makes the whole day incredibly enjoyable.  It is a hard task to make guests feel comfortable in front of the camera, but Brett’s personality always ensures they feel at ease and this results in the most stunning natural shots. Aside from being a total professional, I personally adore Brett’s work; Creative, artistic and has a unique edge to his photos Jamie Landesberg – 4 The People

Come rain or shine, our reputation for artistic photography is well known and respected not only in the industry but with our peers. Our ability to utilise each venue means we make the most of every space, employing trade mastery in the field of light. Brett creates the mood using creativity, setting and scenery, with a rare talent for catching people at their very best. Using an unobtrusive reportage style that connotes a relaxed atmosphere, plus a strong eye for fashion ideal for weddings, his years of accomplishment are regularly featured in leading photographic and bridal publications nationally.


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