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M E E T   B R E T T   &   K R I S T I E

After many years of travel and working in Miami with people from all countries and cultures, it was under American skies in 1999 when Kristie and Brett first met. From that day forth, their own love story spiralled into a marriage, a business and an expanding family. It became their dream to work together creating a career that reflects their passion for both family and photography, whilst maintaining a distinct vision on how the the Harkness brand would progress. In 2001 that dream became their reality and as 2017 is now upon us, that success is very much growing with every passing day.

Brett Harkness is at the forefront of the London , UK & European Wedding Photography market and is enabled to provide bespoke client services nationwide, plus destination wedding photography internationally. All meetings correspond either at Primrose Hill in London, in your own home or working alongside some of the top UK wedding coordinators available throughout the UK & Europe.

What the best in the industry say about us…    “Working with Brett Harkness is an absolute dream.  It is a pleasure having him and his team on any event.  Not only does he work extremely well under pressure, he instills so much calm in the client and makes the whole day incredibly enjoyable.  It is a hard task to make guests feel comfortable in front of the camera, but Brett’s personality always ensures they feel at ease and this results in the most stunning natural shots. Aside from being a total professional, I personally adore Brett’s work; Creative, artistic and has a unique edge to his photos.”  

Jamie Landsberg – 4 The People

“I love working with Brett and his team, I find Brett really puts the Bride and Groom at ease with how he shoots the day, Brett captures such amazing natural shots as well the artistic ideas for the special couple and group photos. Every Bride and Groom we have had here at Babington are always very complimentary of his wonderful work and we or they couldn’t ask for anything more” 

Lauren Alway .  Wedding Coordinator . Babington House

About Brett

"His passion and drive to create, learn and shoot better than he did on his last shoot, is inspiring and completely unrelenting. He has a quiet confidence and humour that resonates amongst his clients, peers and family."

About Kristie

"She has a unique eye for the build of a story, which she uses to the highest degree in the editing and album design. She is a strong business woman with a flair for creativity, a kind hearted mother and very much both my personal and business support."

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Q&A with Brett Harkness

Do you feel under pressure at a wedding shoot?

I thrive on the challenge of creating beautiful images in whatever the circumstance. That is the great thing about weddings, no two weddings are the same! We need some time yes with you to allow us to take images but not long. Family group shots can be done in 10 mins and we usually ask for around 15-20 mins with the couple. Other than that all of the day is captured in my unique documentary style.

How will I view my images after my wedding & how long after?

You will firstly view your images online on a private password protected gallery. You can start to make your choice for your album then in your own time. We will then make arrangements to visit you in your own home to view the images where Kristie or Jo will help you to choose.

How do you deal with the rain?

Keep shooting!! We always travel with 10 white umbrellas. In the UK you have to go with what the elements throw at you!

Largest & smallest wedding?

800 guests in London… and 2! It was just the bride, groom and us. We were the witnesses as well. An honour to take part and capture such an intimate event.

I am getting married abroad - can you do it?

We travel all over the world applying our trade. Nowhere is too far or out of the way. Get intouch with Kristie at the studio to chat more about your photography needs.

Do you work with anyone else?

I usually shoot weddings, Bar & Batmitzvahs with my assistant. I have three different assistants in different parts of the country. They are there to help me throughout the day to make sure it goes as smooth as possible. If you require a second shooter we can also provide that.

How do you feel about groups & family pictures?

I think the family are as just as much apart of the day as the couple. Family shots can be discussed at time of booking or at the pre-wedding consultation. We try and keep them to a minimum but no-one will get missed out!

Do you offer video or a drone service?

We specialise in photography. We do however work closely with some of the best videographers in the business. Go back to the wedding home page to see who we recommend.


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